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Posted by adminALT on July 11th, 2016

The State of Wisconsin, including our region, will see more people leave the labor force than enter it over the next decade. This restriction of the labor force will heighten the difficulties that employers are already having in finding enough qualified employees. Currently most labor data is tied to national and state sources, which doesn’t demonstrate the true needs of Chippewa Valley making it vital to collect local labor market information.

As part of a larger regional workforce initiative for the Chippewa Valley, the Skills Gap Employer Survey is currently live. This labor survey allows area employers to effectively communicate future needs of the local labor market.

The information provided by the responses of this survey will align the regional talent pool with the future needs of area employers. Previous survey results have influenced numerous initiatives such as addition of engineering programs at the University of Wisconsin in Eau Claire, Riverfalls, and Stout. These results are also instrumental in the distribution of United Way Microgrants to students studying in-demand occupational programs at Chippewa Valley Technical College.

Additionally, K-12 uses these results for career counseling.
As explained by Scott Hodek, Regional Economist for the Office of Economic Advisors in the Department of Workforce Development:

“The next decade will see an unprecedented tightening of the local labor force as the baby boomer generation retires – at a time where employers are already having trouble finding skilled workers in high demand occupations.”

To fill out the survey, or to view previous year’s results, go to

The 2016 Employer Skills Gap Survey is a collaborative initiative done with the Skills Gap Partners: Chippewa County Economic Development Corporation, Chippewa Falls Area Chamber of Commerce, Chippewa Valley Society for Human Resource Management, Dunn County Economic Development Corporation, Eau Claire Area Chamber of Commerce, Eau Claire Area Economic Development Corporation, Menomonie Area Chamber & Visitor’s Center, and the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development.