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Regulations and PermitsAdd to Report

County and Local Permits

Each community will have different permits and regulations. It is recommended that you contact the jurisdiction that your business will be operating in to verify what is needed.
Local Government Phone #
Eau Claire County 715-839-4741
City of Eau Claire 715-839-4914
City of Altoona 715-839-6092
City of Augusta 715-286-2555
Village of Fairchild 715-334-3002
Village of Fall Creek 715-877-2177
Town of Bridge Creek 715-286-2744
Town of Brunswick 715-835-4060
Town of Clear Creek 715-597-6096
Town of Drammen 715-287-4747
Town of Fairchild 715-286-2768
Town of Lincoln 715-877-2262
Town of Ludington 715-286-5434
Town of Otter Creek 715-597-3657
Town of Pleasant Valley 715-878-4169
Town of Seymour 715-834-4999
Town of Union 715-874-6123

State Permits & Licensing

The State of Wisconsin does not issue "general business licenses" or "small business licenses"; however, the State of Wisconsin does regulate many occupations and businesses that have to meet specific legal, educational and examination requirements. Some entities that assist in oversee these requirements and regulations are:
Regulations can be confusing.
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