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How Internships Can Help Your Business

Posted by Christina on October 8th, 2014

Internships are a great way for students to gain valuable experience, and for businesses to benefit from a short-term employee. Benefits of hiring an intern include:

  • short-term employment of interns can increase the capacity of an organization to allow the business to pursue larger projects
  • increase the diversity of your workplace and explore new ideas
  • interns with positive work experiences can become brand advocates – this is the best advertising for recruiting new employees
  • your intern could potentially be a future hire

How can you make sure you and an intern are getting the most out of the internship? Make sure that you have the time to provide mentorship and training for the student, and have clear goals for the internship.

Finding interns can be  challenging – but there is a solution: Your Future Chippewa Valley allows businesses in the Chippewa Valley to connect with students. This completely free website is open for all types of businesses, and allows companies to find interns, connect with students, and provide other work-based learning opportunities.