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Innovation is in Eau Claire’s DNA

Posted by Christina on September 29th, 2014

Vibrant and delightful.

Young and Smart.

Passionate and dedicated.

Public civility and generosity.

These are the traits of of a new and emerging urban model called “Innovation Districts” – and Eau Claire’s DNA is built on these defining characteristics. According to a recent post featured on “Innovation Districts“, Eau Claire is poised to become cooler than Austin soon. As defined by Jane Talkington, an innovation district is:

“a collaboration by a city-college-corporation that create a connection corridor designed specifically to foster sustainable innovation between campus and collaborators.”

Innovation districts exist where there are economic, physical and networking assets. Economic assets refer to innovation drivers that focus on cutting-edge technologies, innovation cultivators, and neighborhood-building amenities. Physical assets are the public and privately-owned spaces that stimulate connectivity, collaboration, and innovation. Networking assets include individuals and organizations that form relationships with the potential to generate and accelerate the advancement of ideas, fueling innovation, trust, and collaboration. As stated by Jane:

“Eau Claire has an impressive healthcare industry, a vibrant music scene, TWO gracious rivers, an authentic downtown, an enlightened redevelopment authority, a big time software company, performing arts, a delightful farmer’s market, and more craft beers at brew pubs imaginable…The Confluence happening in Eau Claire is more than a development project. It is a confluence of intentions of champions and droves of Eau Claire supporters including city personnel, town fathers, UW-EC alumni, business leaders, and visionary citizens.”

As with the other innovation districts currently emerging, Eau Claire has the unique potential to spur productive, inclusive, and sustainable economic development – allowing residents and employees an innovative place to live, work and play.

“Two other metrics revealed the DNA of Eau Claire; the compassion of a city can be reflected by their public civility and generosity.”

The Eau Claire Area’s employment trends, labor market, and quality of life culminates into thriving communities that support innovation, collaboration, and a productive environment.

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