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$80,000 Grant Awarded to Chippewa Valley Innovation Center

Posted by Christina on July 7th, 2014

The Chippewa Valley Innovation Center (CVIC) recently received an $80,000 grant from the Otto Bremer Foundation. Funding from Otto Bremer will be allocated towards capital improvements in updating the CVIC, providing the existing and future tenants of the CVIC an enhanced work space and updated amenities.

Currently the Chippewa Valley Innovation Center provides tenants with unlimited and free access to a forklift, pallet jack, compressed air, heating, air conditioning, office equipment, restrooms, and break rooms.  Otto Bremer Foundations funding will go towards updating the previously listed items, as well as updating the offices and bays as needed.


The Chippewa Valley Innovation Center looks forward advancing these companies into strong businesses to benefit our economy. With the help of Otto Bremer Foundation, this grant will allow the CVIC to provide the best assistance to current and future tenants.