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Local Company: Chip Magnet Salsa, LLC

Posted by Christina on November 25th, 2013

Chip Magnet Salsa, LLC is an Eau Claire “neighborhood company” as described by its owner, Alexis Lucas.  However, this company is anything but average.  Lucas started the business in 2011. Later that year, she applied to the Idea Challenge and was one of the top 5 finalists.  In just two short years, the company is proud to announce that its products are now on shelves at Whole Foods in Madison! 

The company competes in a challenging industry where shelf space is gold.  Part of Chip Magnet’s product appeal, and its point of differentiation, is what the company prides itself on – providing delicious, safe, GMO-free salsa, relishes and jellies to its customers.  If Lucas wouldn’t serve it to her family, she won’t sell it to you.  The company offers 13 core flavors of salsa, 3 relishes and 2 hot pepper jellies.  Lucas also lets her personality shine through particularly in the naming of her products.    Names such as “Wickedly Delicious,” “Corn Star.” and “Ghoulicious” certainly help it to jump off the shelf.

In 2011, the company’s primary sales outlet was farmers markets, where Lucas and her family sold on average 24 jars a few times per week. Today, Chip Magnet moves 130 CASES each week! “We have grown faster than we ever imagined. That makes for some really good feelings of excitement, and some really stressful times of not knowing what to do next,” states Lucas.  

Lucas’ objective for the next 3-5 years is to “grow at a pace we can handle.” In order to do this, she plans to scale back on the company’s presence at farmer’s markets and focus on retail store growth.  Additionally, as Lucas states “we would like to maximize the potential of the stores we are already in before expanding to new areas.” 

In-store sampling and promotions will drive this strategy at the retail level.  One example of this is a large promotion with Gordy’s County Market in Eau Claire planned for the Super Bowl.  So if you’re hungry for some salsa, check out Chip Magnet Salsa at your favorite grocery store.  For specific locations and more information, visit