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The Eau Claire Area encompasses the cities of Altoona, Augusta, and Eau Claire, as well as the Villages of Fall Creek and Fairchild. 

Eau Claire is the 9th largest city in Wisconsin and is run by a council-manager government. Eleven council members are elected to three-year terms for aldermanic districts and at-large. This includes an elected City Council president. The city manager is hired to run day-to-day governmental activities. Eau Claire County is governed by a board of supervisors with one supervisor elected for two years from each of the 29 districts. The county administrator is hired to run day-to-day operations. 

The Eau Claire area is consistantly recgonized nationally for our high quality of life (All America City Award, 2014) and the ability for businesses to thrive (Top 100 Best Small Places for Businesses & Careers, 2015)

"Not only have you proven your ability to innovate, work together and take on the complex challenges facing America's communities, you've given inspiration and ideas to other communities across the country."

-- Michael B. Hancock, Mayor of Denvor, in a message to the All-America Cities


Source: U.S. Census Bureau, 2015 
Census Year Eau Claire City Eau Claire County Eau Claire MSA
1990 56,856 85,183 137,543
2000 61,704 93,736 164,570
2010 65,883 98,736 164,570
2015 Estimate 67,778 102,105 165,636

Distance to Major Metro Areas

Source: Google Maps, 2016

Miles Est. Travel Time
Minneapolis/ St. Paul, MN 93 1 hr 34 min (driving)
Madison, WI 178 2 hrs 48 min (driving)
Green Bay, WI  193 3 hrs (driving)
Milwaukee, WI 285 4 hr 18 min (driving)
Chicago, IL 317 5 hr (driving)  -or-  45 min (flight from EAU)